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Joachim Stücke is Sanbrain.

Comprehensive advice on the subject of building services

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Sanbrain offers individual coaching, consulting and investments. We create custom project modules in the field of building technology.

Over 30 years of experience in the building services and plumbing industry make it possible to create concepts that are tailored to the exact needs of your business.

Turning your ideas into success!

  • Managing Director in the Wholesale Sector
  • Senator in the EWS European Economic Senate
  • Chief of Marketing & sales of a joint-stock company
  • Managing Director of an international company group
  • Advisory Board Chairman of Messe Essen SHK
  • Board of directors of PFW partner for water

Your Benefits

- Short communication paths
- All from one hand
- Holistic approach
- Tailored to your needs
- Increased planning predictibility
- Implementation support
- Modular project building blocks
- Individually implementation possible
- Success oriented approach
- Qualified Partners from around the Globe
- Cross-sector
- Interdisciplinary know-how
Joachim Stücke
“I am a child of the building services sector, with a classic in-house career in the industry – benefit from my wide range of skills.”

Services across the Building Technology Sector

Individual Consulting

  • Situation Check/Analysis
  • Tailored Solutions
  • Planning and Development
A holistic approach and modular “translation” to your requirements leads to success in your business
Many projects fail because of the lack of individuality and to large “blueprints”. Individuality at all levels is required to achieve the desired outcome.

Modular Project Development in the Areas of:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Financing

Comprehensive Project Support

  • Implementation Support
  • Competent Network Support
  • Project Controlling
Your requirements will be developed in customized and actionable modules. Our competent network covers all relevant areas.
Work on projects is one requirement, support and implement are the success parameters

Financing & Advisory

  • Advisory function
  • Industry Advisor
  • Investments

Over 30 Years Experience

Whether in classic sales, with the peculiarities of 3-stage distribution channels, or in own and separately controlled project operations.

Leadership with modern management tools (CRM, etc.) are the most important parameters for the success of companies and a solid “Growth Journey”. A competent planning process always forms the basis for every project. Even and especially in sensitive restructuring plans it gives the company security and fair and open communication increases the necessary acceptance and support the workforce.

The dynamic development (digitization, etc.) requires continuous reflection and necessary “adjustments” without departing from the fundamental strategic orientation of the company. Sustainability and continuity often come first with partners and customers. Ensuring this is a vital to the success of any business.

Cross-Industry Expertise

And the cultivation of a global network are at the core of my skillset. Numerous mandates, advisory functions, such as in industry associations (VDMA), or my activities in the EWS European Economic Senate as a senator and representative of the building services sector, have helped me develop a large industry specific network and friendships.

Whether in the Health & Care Area, the hotel industry, strategic product development and product design, insurance, or even the architects and planners area; everywhere, I have long-standing and excellent contacts. My current volunteer work as a chairman on the Board of Partners for Water e.V. based in Berlin, also allows networking on the often very important political level.

Often good ideas and projects fail because of to the lack of financing. Through my many years of cooperation with private equity firms I also have first-class contacts that can offer financial support if necessary. Take advantage of my expertise and network in the following areas:

  • Insurance
  • Architects & Planners
  • Projects Business
  • Healthcare
  • Financing
  • Private Equity


“Meine viele Jahre währende Zusammenarbeit mit Herrn Stücke, die unterschiedlichste Themenfelder umfasst (Produktstrategie / Produktentwicklung und Produktvermarktung usw.), ist rückblickend und in die Zukunft schauend, bezogen auf Kompetenz und Vertrauen, ein bedeutender Baustein für den Erfolg meines Unternehmens (NOA).”

“Meine viele Jahre währende Zusammenarbeit mit Herrn Stücke, die unterschiedlichste Themenfelder umfasst (Produktstrategie / Produktentwicklung und Produktvermarktung usw.), ist rückblickend und in die Zukunft schauend, bezogen auf Kompetenz und Vertrauen, ein bedeutender Baustein für den Erfolg meines Unternehmens (NOA).”

“Over the last years we have succesfully completed several search projects for Senior positions with Joachim and we were impressed by his professional approach, his warm and winning personality and his outstanding leadership skills. This has always been the base for ensuring and conducting high level and very professional recruiting processes. We are looking forward to a further fruitful and trustful cooperation in the future with JS /Sanbrain.”

“Die erfolgreiche Zusammenarbeit zwischen Sanbrain und Luther basiert vorwiegend auf dem exzellenten Markt- und Fachwissen von Sanbrain, das wir in entsprechender Weise in die Bezugs-, Logistik und Lieferverträge einarbeiten. Hierdurch erhalten die Verträge ihren praxisnahen Bezug und schützen die Kunden von Sanbrain – und unsere Mandanten – vor den betriebswirtschaftlichen Risiken, die sich leider vermehrt im Abwicklungsalltag, z.B. durch Gewährleistungs- oder Produkthaftungsfälle, realisieren.”

“Herr Stücke besitzt ein hervorragendes Wissen, sowohl was diverse Vertriebskanäle für Sanitärprodukte anbetrifft, als auch spezielle Kundenanforderungen und Produkt-Knowhow im Sanitärmarkt. Zudem ist er bestens vernetzt und verfügt über ein umfangreiches operatives und strategisches Management-Knowhow. Im Rahmen des Projektes unterstützt uns Herr Stücke bei Marktanalysen, Erstellung von Firmenstrategie incl. Produktportfolio, Businessplänen und der anschließenden Produktvermarktung.”

„Wie wichtig es ist, vernetzt zu denken und zu arbeiten, erleben wir bei elfnullelf in der Public Affairs-Beratung tagtäglich. Ein starker Netzwerker und vertrauenswürdiger Partner ist Joachim Stücke. Seit mehreren Jahren kooperieren wir nun in unterschiedlichen Projekten. SanBrain ist dankenswerter Weise jetzt auch Teil unseres gelebten Netzwerks.“

Telephone: +49 (221) 935521-81
E-Mail: info@sanbrain.de
Address: Oststraße 11-13
50996 Köln

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