Trust in experience.

Leadership leads to success

Authentic and professional leadership is often the sustainable key to success.
Having the right employees in the right positions forms the basis for professional company development. Sounds simple, but requires time. Guiding the defined projects during implementation is an important component. I see myself as a link between management and shareholders. Especially altered conditions, like necessary restructuring, call for consistent and clear leadership structures. Alongside that, I’m continually evolving myself – that’s what drives me as well.

The performance points of our consultancy.

To support, control, and successfully achieve set corporate goals driven by key performance indicators. To empower management in perhaps bold ideas, or to be a critical and supportive partner as an advisory board, and a sounding board as well, are my focal points. Implementing necessary restructuring, establishing international locations, distribution structures/channels, or if needed, interim management, are part of my portfolio as well. If you aim to expand your company and seek an acquisition, or potentially want to divest your company or business units, I also accompany the M&A process comprehensively, if desired, with the support of my competent network partners.

Sustainability projects

”Partner für Wasser e.V."

Initial Situation:
Our drinking water is generally perceived as „always safe and of high quality,“ and therefore receives significantly less attention from the public. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Especially in sensitive facilities such as hospitals, nursing homes, and schools, intact drinking water hygiene is of fundamental importance. Keywords like Legionella, coliform bacteria, „dead-end pipes,“ etc., briefly capture the public’s attention.
In collaboration with reputable industry partners that represent a virtual water cycle (manufacturers of pipelines, fittings, treatment plants, etc.), a registered association has been established. This association is also listed in the German Bundestag with the assistance of a Public Affairs agency in Berlin, thereby providing access to political decision-makers. Through a total of 5 studies conducted with the IESK Institute in Düsseldorf, we have highlighted the actual deficiencies in these facilities to the policymakers and confronted them. Solutions for technical requirements/improvements are covered by the competence of the members and the existing expert network, and are provided upon request.

The studies have enabled us to hold discussions in 5 state parliaments and have led to „inquiries“ to factions and recommendations for action in the respective committees. Preventive drinking water hygiene should at least have the same significance as fire protection. „It is well known that only a few hospitals have burned down, but many (often unattributed) infections, some resulting in death (Legionella), are due to inadequate drinking water hygiene!“

HR, Coaching, Evaluation

EQUI BV, Tiel, Netherlands

Initial Situation:
On behalf of the parent company Electrostar, Ebersbach a.d.Fils, I accompanied and executed the entire acquisition process, purchase, and selection of the successor for the managing director (the owner exited as part of the sale).
After evaluating potential candidates, we entered the implementation phase of the new managing director. The focus of the coaching project was and still is the development and expansion of leadership skills, establishing and managing a ‚cockpit‘ with KPIs for professional company control. Furthermore, the task was to form a modern team and particularly meet the challenges of digital transformation in sales. The integration at all levels into the parent organization is being supported in parallel.

The managing director has been appointed, enjoys high acceptance within the team and also in the parent company. The now established cockpit enables efficient company management. Currently, we are developing the next growth steps in a 5-year plan.

Sales Support, Innovative Projects

Building Culture + (arisen from/through the long-standing CEO of DAI, German Architects and Engineers Association)

Initial Situation:
All trades involved in construction are typically organized within their respective ‚professional organizations‘ and, in the past, have had limited opportunities for ‚cross-over‘ exchange and efficient collaboration on potential joint innovation projects due to compliance reasons. We offer an independent platform with new possibilities, compliance-compliant exchange, new collaborative partners, and access to politics.
Verknüpfung und Vernetzung von TGA Unternehmen mit Connecting and networking HVAC companies with so-called ‚Non-HVAC companies‘ (bathroom equipment, lighting, etc.). Additionally, we connect existing product innovations/ideas with the best possible partners to realize a finished product and its marketing. In this regard, we examine potential funding opportunities for manufacturers and/or consumers in advance through our existing political contacts. Currently, we are working on a revolutionary and highly efficient hot water preparation system.

An initial ‚Lighthouse‘ project took place and received significant media attention. The topic was ‚Fire 2030‘: Is there a future for fireplaces and tile stoves? Speakers from the Future Institute and the academic field generated the desired attention and subsequently brought together individuals and companies. Currently, two presented future scenarios are worked on explicitly.

Consulting, advisory, investments, M&A projects

Electrostar GmbH, Ebersbach

Initial Situation:
The traditional manufacturer (104 years old) is currently operating in the market with three business segments: industrial vacuum cleaners, cleaning, and sanitary products (electric hand and hair dryers).
All business segments are to be prioritized and strategically positioned for sustainable growth within the company. In a ‚hybrid role,‘ I support the shareholders as an advisor in their strategic decisions. In turn, I assist the management in implementing the set strategic goals. The projects involve areas such as sales support, internationalization, establishing reporting structures (shop floor, etc.), as well as coaching executives and emerging leaders. I also conduct ‚initial discussions‘ with potential top management candidates confidentially on behalf of the shareholders.

Despite the current challenging construction industry environment, the company is on a clear path of sustainable growth. With a clear focus on products and regions, an organizational structure has been developed that, with the support of additional managers, can achieve the set growth objectives.


and implement.